“Well, they’re a bit of a mistake. I did a trip through America and at one of the campsites we stayed in Colorado, there were loads of signs up saying what to do if a bear attacked. So I thought it’d be quite funny, I wanted to get that sense of humour through in my textiles. It wasn’t meant to be that speckled. It just happened it was only a development, but then everyone kept making comments and going on about them, so they’ve ended up as my main piece. I can’t get away from the bears.

I’ve loved it, it’s the beginning but also terrifying. You’ve got a security blanket and where I’m going to be working on my own I’m not going to have any of the people I’ve been working with. I’m probably not going to have an experience with a studio like that again.

I’d really love to start in house design for an interior company. Then learn from that and move onto freelance and make a name for myself. It depends what happens first. If anything comes from this I could go into freelance now.”