“This project has evolved so much, I wanted to do separated pictures of portraits and faces with water colours, because it is what I had been doing, and wanted to continue that. With the other Masters students I saw what they were doing, and I though then that I could try something else! Something more related to illustration, spinning a story etc. So at the beginning I was taking stories from other books and fairy tales. I felt like there was still something missing, I thought to make the story by myself. The final story is so different to how it was in the beginning. It was so fun to make the characters, to see how they evolved.

The main character is an Axolotl. I based the cave in the book on a cave I found in Catalonia, my home. I went there to sketch it.

We had to use like one-hundred and eighty pictures so I ended up doing an art book, where I have all the studies, all the character designs, other designs, everything! The story is still very much in process though. “