“The project I’m proudest of is a piece about an atheist’s perspective on death. Atheism is often portrayed as a pessimist way of living so I wanted to produce a book that shows that believing in nothing-ness after life can actually give you more meaning to your life. If this is the only life you have, it makes it all the more precious.

I made a book that can be read for an hour, and then disappears. I exposed my text onto darkroom paper and didn’t fix it with any chemicals. I bound the book in the dark, and accidentally stabbed myself a couple of times. It’s kept in a sleeve and in a box so, when you take it out, you have about an hour to read it. It goes from yellow to orange to pink to purple to blue and then it goes grey. The colours almost represent the different stages of your life. It’s a bit like a sunset, which is a good metaphor for death.

Another think that I like is that, when it all goes blank, you can keep it as a notebook. It encourages people to remember that you only have one life, so make the most of it!

I did the Foundation course as well, so I’ve been at AUB for four years. Foundation really got me to know the university and the facilities, and I made so many friends. Once I started the BA course, I already knew how to use everything.

The course was really good, I really enjoyed the amount of independent time we had to do work. The support has been amazing.

I’ve got a summer job teaching at AUB, then I’ll be looking for internships and jobs. I’m really into ethics. I’d hate to work for a company than doesn’t value my views on ethics, so I’m looking for a place that wants to design for good. I hate the idea of my passion hurting anyone.”