“A lot of my work is between conceptualism and photography, I use installation and mixed media.

This piece is born out of a project that investigated space. I was really interested in the issues of ownership in space, especially as technology grows and we’re able to reach different planets. I wanted to make a piece of work that really interrogated these behaviours, as well as comparing the behaviour of the colonisation atrocities with what’s happening now.

For this particular piece, I purchased an acre of land from a fake extra-terrestrial Estate Agent on the internet. I wanted to make a piece of work about this, but wasn’t sure how to do that. The work is a proposal for a piece of artwork on mars. There’s a parchment print which has the proposal for this, and accurately describes how to make this in extreme detail. The idea is that I wanted to buy this land, and then one up them in a sense. They’re selling land on different planets, and making millions from it! Throughout the project I was investigating that company I had bought it from. This was a statement on what they were doing.

The material that I used is the material that’s closest to the surface of Mars. It’s volcanic ash from Hawaii.

When I bought the land, they sent me exact coordinates. The video is me on my computer, using google earth, trying to find this piece of land. It’s kind of an experimentation to see whether I actually own this land.

Coming into the course, I was really interested in photography, but I wasn’t necessarily a photographer. I’ve been way more interested in images, rather than actually taking images. I have struggled to deal with that, because it’s a necessary component to make work. It’s been really interesting, and my tutors have really helped me find my artistic voice.

I rarely take photos, I normally deal with installations, sculpture and video work. I find it more fluid. Throughout my time I’ve also been interested in curating. It’s been really interesting.

It has been a struggle, but I’ve really found a voice that works for me now. What’s great about the course is that photography is only an umbrella term and, these days, it can be anything. The tutors have been amazing and I’ve really enjoyed it.”