“Co-designing the costume graduate summer show with Stephanie Navarro, was a challenging yet extremely rewarding process. After spending my three years at university indulging in set design I wanted to try move into design for events and saw this opportunity as step towards this pathway.
Our concept for the exhibition was to create a calming, clean cut, modern environment with a slight art deco edge. We wanted to follow the simplicity yet beauty found in V&A exhibitions in order to show off each students work to the best we could.
This project has allowed us to branch out into many subject areas, from the exhibition design to supervisory roles, working to curate everyone’s work and organise the course and exhibition design as a whole. We worked for the first time on a film as artist directors, designing and creating a catwalk set, organising models, hair and makeup whilst also directing the filming and models. The concept behind it was inspired by Cecil Beaton’s photography in the 1920s in which plastic materials were used to create elaborate sets.
My experience with BA (Hons) Costume with Performance Design, has allowed me to explore many areas in the industry and has given me huge opportunities that has readied myself to graduate ready for industry. I plan to move into the industry of events design and visual merchandising as my next steps after graduation and possibly in the further future event planning.”