“Being on a Graphic Design course has challenged me to think about my concepts and ideas more, before I jump straight to the visual. Because of that, it has challenged me more and my work has more depth to it, as I have to think of the underlying message and justify every step and each visual.

I won the Royal Society of Arts student design awards this year for their animation brief. I feel showcasing it is hard in this environment as my work is screen based. It is nice to have it at D&AD show and get people to ask about it.

The course has justified what my values are and the things that I appreciate. I feel like being on a course which is so digital has shown me how I value crafts in my work, even though it is the opposite of the course. It has separated me from people and helped me stand out.

I think my proudest moment was winning the awards, I couldn’t have had a prouder moment. I really enjoyed third year, before this year I didn’t know I was capable of doing animation. In the third year we were offered a whole load of briefs, and having the variety to chose from has shown me exactly what I wanted to do and given me the option to do it in the course. The course is so broad, you could go into anything. It doesn’t have to be Graphic Design, although I think the degree is worth having as it makes you think about the ideas and reasons why you are doing it. Anyone who graduates from a Graphic Design course will have more substance, as there will be a reason behind everything.

I feel really positive about the future, I am looking forward to applying to jobs and getting myself out there. I have had some offers for commissions, which is exciting.”