“I came across AUB’s summer courses at a London UCAS event last year and was really interested in the Animation summer course. It sounds corny but ever since I was little, cartoons have fascinated me, not just watching them but understanding how they are put together.  I have been thinking about my career a lot recently and I know I really want to go after something that I actually enjoy, otherwise, what’s the point?

“I had no real expectations of the course before I started, I just hoped I would enjoy it and improve my animation skills.  It has been such a fun course. I have loved working in teams on the animated films.  Using some of the equipment has been brilliant.

The stop motion workshops were my favourite, and I also really enjoyed pixilation and using the graphics tablets. This course has convinced me even more how much I love animation and want to keep going with it – but I think patience and commitment are two really key parts of begin ‘good’ at animation. I spent 2 days working on 1 ½ seconds of an animation – but when you see the final product you feel like a proud parent!”