“This was a commission for a photography project. There were actually two heads. I made a cow as well, but that’s not here today because she was so big. These were commissioned by a photographer, who wanted to do a project about animals that had been treated badly in the industry. These were made to be worn by people and they are made from soft foam and latex. They are then flocked and hair punched and air brushed to finish. I had to sculpt it from scratch, to get it as close as I could to the real thing.

We considered for a while using real furs, but we thought that was against the point so we ended up getting faux everything, as good quality as we possibly could. Then it was a case of airbrushing it to make it look a bit more realistic, and put all the colours onto it.

For my final major, I ended up splitting it into three because I was going to make three creature sculpts and I felt like it was too much. If I made something that was more like a real creature to put next to the fake, made up creatures, it would put context into both of them. I ended up making this leaf gecko, so that it was like a display model.  These geckos are only indigenous to Madagascar, so nobody really knows about them. They’re really well camouflaged and I wanted to show that in my piece.

I’ve loved it. I’m kind of glad it’s ending in a way, as I’m happy to get out into the industry now I’ve had all my training. At the same time, it’s a great course and such a family that I’m going to miss everybody.”