“Well the main thing I’m looking forward to is listening to how people have interpreted the theme, literally interpretation, how it’s been interpreted. I’m doing a talk on misinterpretation or Error, called Erradite. I’m going to throw people in terms of what they’re expecting, perception of images is one of the things I’m really quite keen about, and how people misread things.

What I’m addressing, where I come from, we’re interested in cross disciplinary practice. What we’re trying to do at the moment, is to get Illustrators to work with applied performance artists, we’re also getting illustrators to work with creative writers, and these are separate schools, so the idea of building bridges, taking down walls, getting people to interact, I think thats the future of Illustration, I think thats the future of many subjects, and the more we do that and the more Illustration leads on that, then I think we’re going to see interesting projects coming from it

The image I tweeted before the Symposium, it was me working, but what was interesting, it was largely to pre-empt this talk I’m doing today, and its quite deceptive because somebody said to me, “Oh you were here yesterday, I saw a picture of you, you were at Bournemouth and you were working.”

It’s all part of how imagery can fool you, I know its a bit naughty of me and mischievous, but it’s part of peoples perceptions isn’t it? You know, you look at that Tweet and you automatically assume I’m doing one thing when I’m doing something completely different, I was back in Birmingham and people thought I was in Bournemouth. My talk is all about fooling people through imagery.”