“It’s based on a book by a Swedish guy, Bengt Danielson, who went on a trip across the pacific ocean. He lived with the polynesians for years and he wrote this book called “Something like the love of a South Face”, which is very sexist, so its based on that. So it’s basically this one character studying the female population on the island, because of the way the females are portrayed, they are very sexually willing, they’re given as a gift to the european american sailors that come, and they’re talking about it as if it is okay and a normal thing.

It was fun to paint, because I haven’t really been doing anything like that since our degree ended two years ago so that was good. I felt the panic again that you get when you get halfway through and it’s looking like a mess, but it all comes together towards the end.

It’s nice to be back on campus — it makes you feel like you’re a student again, which I miss, but not the deadlines!”