“This triptych is a series of drawings. They are kind of documentation photographs based on a recurring nightmare I’ve had and still have. So it’s a costume I made, then I photographed myself in the costume, then turned those into drawings, which I did onto tracing paper, then transferred them onto paper. There’s no direct contact with the drawings.

The designs I made throughout this process, I was looking at alchemy so I was looking at a lot of transformative processes to change the imagery. I looked at lots of esoteric texts about alchemy and the occult and things. My dad studied comparative religions, so we have a whole bookcase of those sorts of things.

It started out as marketing material, but it turned into an updated version of these esoteric texts. They were all hand made in individual publishing so, if they were going to be made today, this is the format they would take.

I’ve had a good time. It does force you to experiment with different things. I’m a drawer, and it can be intimidating sometimes with people making all these big sculptures, it’s all very contemporary. They do make you try different things, I did film and photography and even made costumes. Because I had all the supporting work, it could then go into the drawings, so that they’re not just illustrative.”