“Inside The Addicted Mind is an immersive VR experience that focuses on removing stigmas surrounding the subject of addiction. It invites viewers to engage themselves into stories based on true facts and follow characters who are slowly becoming addicted to something or a behaviour. The project is meant to be used a tool to teach how addictions can develop and open the discussion around the subject. By openly talking about what makes an addict and how we can help, we can stop the shame that is associated with admitting you have a problem.

“The project came to be after I lost my mother in July 2016. I had just graduated as a Commercial Photographer and in a matter of days she was gone. When I got told the cause of death, multiple drug overdose, the pieces started to form a picture. Throughout the years, she had multiple surgeries as her condition got worse and worse and as a result was in constant pain. She relied on painkillers to live her life normally, and then one day she accidentally took too many. All of a sudden, I found myself feeling alone and orphaned with no clear direction in life.

“As a way of grieving and moving forward, this project slowly made it possible for me to process what had happened. I thought about how hidden the signs of addiction are and how it can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender and annual earnings. Because I assumed drug addicts were all homeless men in the streets begging for money, I ignored my mother’s problem.”