“Since first year or foundation I realised that 3D was my strong point. After coming to Uni and starting my first year, geometric has been one of the key things I’ve always wanted to develop. That’s what I think I’ve done throughout the three years and just developed my 3D skills worked with loads of different colour pallets. So this final years exhibition I went full out, I went for my 3D, bright colours, neon base and fluorescents. That was the aim and I feel it works really, really well. My inspiration has started coming from household objects. You probably can’t tell but, going through the process, that’s where my starting point was.

Hexagon has been one of my strong shapes since second year and I haven’t done a lot with it As you can see, its one of my strongest skills, so I wanted to bring it into a 3D element. It’s like something you put under a table, such as a glass table, it can be stuck on a wall.

It’s actually been amazing; I’m going to miss it so much. Its kind of sad it’s all finished now, but it’s the start, it definitely is. I’m really excited for what’s upcoming. I do still want to continue my 3D manipulation. I would like to work for an interior designer or for an architecture company because my work is quite 3D based, but we’ll see where it takes me. I’ve got an internship starting soon in September with Tiger Prints, so I’m quite excited for that! We’ll see where it takes me on.”