“When my collection came out at Graduate Fashion Week, it felt so good! It was so nice to see all my work.

I used to do 2D fashion for the past two years, I used to make publications, photography and blogging, and then I actually worked on the GFW project last year doing this and then I saw it all and thought I really want to be on the catwalk, so I had to get a lot more support making my clothes because I didn’t really know what I was doing.

Doing the project for the live events brief was really good because you are understudying the tutors, working really closely with Anne, getting to know her which builds you up and you know what is going on with GFW, so I really knew what was going on which was good.

I would 100% yes tell someone to do the fashion course at AUB. I have two other friends who study fashion at other universities, and I don’t think they get as much support. Even though the teachers are in such high demand there is always going to be someone to help you out, I think you get a lot of support, you can do whatever you want, which I feel on a lot of other courses you are more restricted.”