“The film I worked on was Esc, about a male gamer who gets teleported into the game. He has to fight for an escape ticket to get back into the real world. The film was a great challenge. It pushed me to learn and develop skills that I didn’t know beforehand. For example, I took on the role of special effects animator, which I hadn’t focused on in the previous two years. I ended up taking on more work, but also a variation of work. We were quite a small, close team, which forced us to think on our feet and make decisions on the spot. We didn’t have time to procrastinate, so we had to finalise our ideas.

Working on this project allowed me to really focus on what I wanted to do, which is traditional 2D animation. I really managed to hone my skills in character animation. This film had a lot of special effects, so I was really able to build my portfolio up.

The thing that drew me to the course in the first place, was the fact that it focused on traditional animation. In first year it was brilliant. They taught us the basics and fundamentals really well, and it opened up a lot of ideas.

I’m planning on earning some money in order to update my computer, get new software etc and planning on applying to a freelance job in Japan. I’d also very much like to bring 2D animation, such as the early Disney animation, to the cinema. I’d like to bring in modern themes, such as the Middle East, the EU etc, into 2D animation.”