The following images are stills from my animations for my Pre Major project.

My goal for this project is to create an immersive 3D world. I am attempting this by creating quirky and funny characters in a pastel and naïve looking environment, which people could find amusing and could also engage with.

My intention is to create idiosyncratic characters which have been aesthetically reduced to simple forms, to allow people to identify themselves with ease and empathise with their actions, therefore enhancing their immersion. These characters all exist in one ‘world’, which in this case is a hotel by a sunny, idyllic beach, performing senseless activities such as jumping off balconies, dancing on top of hammocks or climbing up palm trees. The sweet and ‘cute’ looking environment contrasts with the destructive actions carried out by these characters and the heavy trap music which accompanies them.

In creating these characters and this narrative I also aim to illustrate a critical viewpoint on tourism in Spain, depicting tourists as chaotic, reckless, blobby characters and locals as the angry natural elements of the place. This way I hope to convey the absurd behaviours of people when they go on holiday as well as the negative attitudes of the locals in response. The primary function of my work is to entertain through humour and bright visuals, whilst also giving some insight into a social issue.

I work directly on blender, making the odd illustration on Illustrator whenever I run out of ideas or need to award my models with more expressiveness. Drawing allows me to come up with more articulate characters, which I can then translate into simple 3D shapes. I often like to include 2D drawings within the 3D scenes importing as textures onto objects.

I hope to continue to work in 3D whilst using illustration to inform and better my practice.