“The first project we do before Christmas is a client brief. I had an external brief from a client who wanted to use the space on top of council flat buildings. Together we designed these space saving apartments, which have studio space at the bottom and living spaces in the top.

“I also did a model for him which was three different interior designs, which was done using a coloured 3D printer. I did all the CAD on software called Rhinoceros and then sent it off to be 3D printed.

“For my Final Major Project, I also made some shoes. They’re inspired by 1950s cars, so I did loads of research into these. I knew I really wanted to make shoes, so needed to think of a narrative that would go with it.

“I’ve learnt so much. Before I started Modelmaking I didn’t know how to use any of the machinery, so to come this far and know how to use that and the CAD software is really good. I really enjoyed it.”