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New Talent Scheme

Graduate / Alumni Animation – Published 4th Apr 17

If you’re a talented graduate set on carving yourself a role in the creative production for video games and entertainment advertising then the Maverick New Talent Scheme is an ideal opportunity for you.

  • It’s a scheme that we’ve run many times and it’s launched the careers of many individuals who’ve become successful Directors, Creatives, Editors, Producers and Account Handlers.
  • It’s designed to bring in new people and give them a chance to explore, show and develop their talents in a number of fields.
  • Candidates on the Maverick New Talent Scheme get to be trained to work on live projects and briefs from the beginning and receive training and mentoring to support them through the process.
  • The idea is to give people a chance to do their best and see if there’s a good fit for what we need at Maverick in any of the areas of work we do.

Based at our studio in Clerkenwell candidates are offered to participate on one or a series of three month Modules, each designed to provide exposure to different aspects of our work, whether that’s in a Creative or in Production/Management capacity etc.  On completing the Module(s) many candidates are offered a position with Maverick.

Further details:

Company name:
Salary / Pay:
£1,500 p/month
Closing date:
Tue, 2nd May 2017


We’re looking for Graduates that show a high level of achievement in any related area and who can demonstrate skills in an area relevant to Maverick’s business; typically Design, Animation Games Design, Media Production, Journalism, though we’re also keen to see people from other backgrounds who are suited to working in Business Development, Account Handling and Production Management.

Candidates that have an interest in Arts and Entertainment, VR and Games will be particularly suitable as are people with skills in Animation Packages, Unity and Unreal, Adobe Suite.


Modules are based on following areas and we review each individual application on merit and offer a place on one or more Modules according to our current needs and your areas of interest.

  • EDITING: Creating games and film trailers, TV spots, video game capture etc.
  • CREATIVES: Copywriting, Concepting and Art Direction across a range of projects and campaigns.
  • MOTION GRAPHICS/ANIMATION:  Working across a range of projects, especially trailers.
  • DESIGN: Working across Key Art, Ads, Digital.
  • PRODUCER/ACCOUNT HANDLER: Learning the ropes of Project budgeting, scheduling and client relationships.
  • VR GENERALIST: Working with our sister company making VR prototypes, concepting etc.

How to apply


So if this is for you, then we’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to email with Subject “Maverick New Talent Scheme” if you have any questions or would like to apply.  In your application make sure you email a c.v., cover letter and tell us the following:

  1. What achievements you are most proud of?
  2. What skills you have now and what you would like to develop?
  3. What areas of Maverick’s work you are most interested in?

The new cohort is expected to start in May 2017 so apply now!

N.B. Candidates must be a graduate and a European Citizen to qualify.

Check out a little video we made when we set up the scheme in 2012 here.