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Mystery Assessor

Student Hospitality and Catering – Published 26th Jan 17

Insight Retail are looking for talented writers to sign up to be Mystery Assessors with us.

We will email successful applicants with assignments in their area. Assessors can accept or decline assignments as they see fit, so this position is ideal for those looking for something casual that they can fit around their studies.

Assignments can comprise anything from buying clothes to going out for dinner. Assessors may be required to ask specific questions or perform tasks to see how the staff at the establishment handle your requests.

Assessors are then asked to fill in a questionnaire in as much detail as possible, providing accurate descriptions of the facilities and products, as well as the staff they interacted with and the role these team members played during the visit.

In return, Mystery Assessors can be reimbursed for their expenses and paid for their time. Assignments are highly variable, and will have different budgets depending on the client.

Well-written reports are invaluable to us, and we look forward to welcoming new assessors into our team!

Further details:

Company name:
Insight Retail Consulting
Salary / Pay:
Closing date:
Wed, 1st March 2017

The successful applicant will have:

– The ability to write and speak in fluent English, as they are required to interact with staff and write detailed comments
– Access to a computer with internet access and a computer
– A personal email account that they check regularly
– Access to a digital camera or camera phone
– A functional PayPal account (so that we can send payment)
– The ability to keep to deadlines and return completed questionnaires within 24 hours of completing assignments

Please note, assessors who falsify reports or instigate any kind of fraudulent misrepresentation will have their employment with us immediately terminated and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

How to apply

Simply register if you are interested in this opportunity.