Proof of Identity

You will always be required to submit valid identification with your visa application.

The exact documents that you need to submit will vary from person to person and will include some or all of the following:

A valid passport or travel document

All applicants are required to submit a valid passport or travel document with their visa application.

The passport you use in your application must still be valid on your intended date of travel to the UK and we also advise that it remains valid for the full length of your course; whilst it will usually be possible for you to apply for a new passport in the UK during your course, it may be more costly and a more complicated process than you would experience in your home country.

If you have previously traveled to the UK using a different passport, you will also usually be required to submit your old passports containing your previous UK visas and stamps with you application

Previous BRP Card

If you have previously been issued with a BRP card on coming to the UK, you will usually be required to submit it with your new application.

Police regIstration CERTIFICATE

If you have previously registered with the police you will be required to submit your Police Registration Certificate with your application.

If you are applying to Extend your Leave in the UK, we strongly recommend that you ensure that all details on your Police Registration Certificate are up-to-date before you submit your application.

Passport photo

You are also required to supply 1 or 2 (depending on where you are applying) passport sized photographs of yourself with your full name written on the back of each. If you need to submit more than one, make sure they are identical.