Secure English Language Test (SELT)

Some applicants will need to take a Secure English Language Test before they apply for their visa. Whether you will need to or not will depend on the level of your course.

What is a SELT?

A Secure English Language Test is an English Language test that is approved by the Home Office for the purpose of immigration applications. There are two types of SELT: IELTS for UKVI and Trinity.

Who will need to take a Selt?

If you are a Tier 4 student applying to study below degree level, or on one of our Pre-sessional courses, you will need to take a Secure English Language Test (SELT) before you apply for your visa.

If you are applying to study at degree level or above (with no pre-sessional), the AUB can choose how we assess your English Language and so you will not need to take a SELT or submit an English Language Test certificate with your visa application, although we may still require you to take an English Language test if English is not your first language. Find out whether you need to take an English Language test.

If you are applying to study at degree level or above but aren’t sure whether you will meet our English Language requirements, we recommend that you consider choosing a SELT as your method of assessment, instead of a non-UKVI approved test. If you then do not quite meet our requirements, you will still be able to join one of our pre-sessional courses without having to take a second, UKVI approved assessment before applying for your visa.

If you are not sure which test you should take, please contact our International Student Adviser, who will be happy to help.

How do I Take a selt?

It is vital that you ensure the test you take is an approved SELT, otherwise your visa application will be refused. You can find a list of approved SELTs and their providers here.

As with any English Language assessment, we strongly recommend that you make arrangements to take the test in advance. Test centres can become very busy during peak times in the build up to enrolment and you will need to ensure you have enough time to retake the test if you are not able to meet our English Language requirements first time around.

After you have taken your test, keep your certificate safe – you will need to use this in your visa application.