Credibility Interview

Some students will be asked to attend a credibility interview as part of their visa application.

The information on this page is intended to help you understand what a credibility interview is and how you may be able to prepare for an interview – we cannot guarantee that it is a completely accurate and all-inclusive guide.

A credibility interview is a short interview carried out by UKVI to help them determine whether they believe you are a genuine student or not. Tier 4 visa applicants are selected at random to attend an interview – only about 1/4 of all applicants are asked to attend an interview.

If you are applying for Entry Clearance outside the UK, your interview will normally take place at the same time as you submit your biometrics and usually over Skype or video-link with a UKVI official in the UK.

Students applying to Extend their Leave in the UK will either be invited to attend an interview via video-link or face-to-face at a Home Office centre.

If you are asked to attend a Credibility Interview, you must do so, otherwise it is very likely that your visa application will be refused.

What to do if you are asked to attend a Credibility Interview

Do not panic if you are invited to attend a credibility interview; the process is designed to stop non-genuine students from coming to study in the UK, so if you are a genuine student and have chosen your course at AUB for the right reason, you should not have a problem. It is important however to make sure you are prepared for your interview so you are not nervous and are able to answer any questions you are asked in a confident manner.

Although we cannot tell you the exact questions you will be asked, we do know they are likely to include:

  • Why you have chosen to study in the UK, rather than your home country or a different country
  • Why you chose AUB, Bournemouth and the course you are hoping to study and how it fits with your previous study
  • How you believe the course will help your career plans
  • How you intend to fund your studies
  • Other arrangements you have made for your studies, such as accommodation
  • You may also be asked to give information on your course in more detail, like its content and study units, or start date

The interview is also seen as an opportunity for the UKVI official to assess whether your English Language is at the level that is required; you will be interviewed in English and must give you answers in English. A record of the interview and the answers you give will be kept in the form of a transcript.

INTO Higher have produced two videos, showing examples of Credibility Interviews. The video to the right shows an interview where the student is well prepared. You can also view a video showing an unprepared student by clicking here. These videos are only examples and not a recording of a real interview, but they should help you understand the kind of information you might need to know before you attend your interview and how you should conduct yourself during the interview.

Top Tips for your Interview

  • Be prepared; it may be useful to do some extra research about AUB, Bournemouth and your course
  • Try not to worry or be nervous, this might affect how you answer the questions
  • Listen carefully to each question
  • Take time to think and answer the questions with confidence; try not to give vague answers
  • Be honest; say if you do not know the answer, do not try to make up an answer
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Avoid using answers like ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; try to give as much detail as possible
  • Make a good impression; dress smartly and be polite at all times