Financial Evidence for your Application

This page explains what documents you will need to provide with your Tier 4 visa application to demonstrate you have enough funds to support yourself during your study in the UK.

Below is a short overview of the money and evidence required for your visa application. Please read the Tier 4 Policy Guidance, paragraphs 155 – 208 for full details about Maintenance Funds and acceptable evidence.

If you are unsure about whether your evidence will be accepted, please contact the International Student Adviser.

How much funds will i need to show?

To be granted a visa you will need to provide evidence that you have access to sufficient funds. How much you need will depend on the length of your course:

  • More than 9 months – Outstanding tuition fees for the year as stated in the CAS, plus £9,135 (£1,015 x 9 months) for living costs.
  • Less than 9 months – Outstanding tuition fees for the course of study as stated in the CAS, plus £1,015 per month for the duration of the course for living costs (any part-months must be rounded up).

The amount of money you need to show will be reduced by the total sum of any fees already paid to AUB for tuition plus any fees already paid to AUB for accommodation, as indicated on your CAS (please note that only a maximum of £1,265 can be deducted for pre-paid accommodation).

using a personal bank statement

If you choose to evidence your funds with a personal bank statement, it will need to show that the required funds have been available to you continually for a consecutive 28-day period up to the closing balance (balance on the statement date). For the personal bank statement to be accepted, you must submit your visa application within 31 days of the statement date. Find out if your bank statements are acceptable.

Can I use my parents’ bank statements?

You can use money held in an account owned by you or by your parent(s)/legal guardian(s). If you are using funds held by your parent(s)/legal guardian(s), you will need to show evidence that you are related to your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and that you have their permission to use their funds to support you during your study.

What if my funds are not in GBP?

You can use an overseas bank account however, if your funds are not in pounds sterling (£/GBP), you will need to convert the closing balance and write this sum on your personal bank statement or other form of evidence. The Home Office uses the OANDA website to convert currencies into pounds sterling, so you should use this exchange rate too. The Home Office will always use the exchange rate as of the day you made your application when assessing your funds.

For information about using a personal bank statement, please read paragraphs 155 – 208 of the Tier 4 Policy Guidance.

what other documents can be useD?

Other types of documents that can be used to show evidence of funds available to you include:

  • A letter from your bank
  • A building society pass book
  • A letter from a financial institution
  • A letter from a regulated financial institution confirming a loan
  • If you are being financially sponsored: A letter of confirmation from your Official Financial Sponsor

For information about these forms of evidence, including the information that each should contain and confirm, please read paragraphs 155 – 208 of the Tier 4 Policy Guidance.