Become a Representative of AUB

We are pleased that you are considering becoming a representative of AUB!

We offer a competitive commission rate and excellent support to all our active international agents and counselors. You can find information about the application process to become a representative below.

  1. Have a good look over things like our courses, our ethos and the international section of the website, to make sure that AUB is the kind of institution that you are looking to represent.
  2. Fill in the Agent Application Form (you will need to provide references from other UK Higher Education Institutions, if you will not be able to provide this, please get in touch with us to discuss your situation before applying).
  3. We will contact your references directly.
  4. If your references are satisfactory, we will visit you or arrange a meeting on Skype.
  5. A final decision will be made on your application on your suitability to represent AUB.
  6. If we would like to work with you, we will send you an Agent Agreement which you must sign and return to us to confirm the agreement.

If you have any questions about the process or would like more information about representing AUB, please send us an email.