Arts University Bournemouth – GREAT Scholarships 2019 – China

This year, in partnership with the British Council and the GREAT Britain Campaign, Arts University Bournemouth will be offering two £10,000 scholarships to students in China applying for Masters Degree courses in all subjects.

This scholarship scheme is part of the “GREAT Scholarships 2019 – East Asia” campaign, which has been launched by the British Council together with 28 UK universities to support more students in East Asia to get access to the excellent UK higher education opportunities.

The total value of the scholarship scheme is nearly £1 million. This scholarship scheme will offer an exciting opportunity for East Asian students wishing to get financial support to pursue study on degree levels in the UK. Students can apply for courses in subjects including engineering, law, business, art and design, bio sciences, IT and more, at the 28 institutions across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How to Apply

Firstly please apply to one of our MA courses directly on our website.

In March 2019 there will be a Great Scholarship China form published on this page for you to complete. All eligible applicants will be emailed when the form is available.

The deadline for entries will be in June or July 2019, to be confirmed soon.

Please note that applicants should be passport holders of China.

For more information on the GREAT Scholarships 2019, please visit the British Council’s website.