Fees and funding

Arts University Bournemouth keeps its fees at the lowest possible levels and has a thorough quality assurance procedure to ensure a high standard of teaching and resources for students on all courses.

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Tuition Fees

Our tuition fees cover all teaching and technical assistance, English language support and access to all of AUB’s fantastic facilities and services during campus opening hours.

Full-fee paying students can enjoy a fixed annual fee for their whole course, which means tuition fees will not go up in your second or third year, even if you ‘intermit’ (take a break from) your studies.

Tuition fees do not usually include all materials costs, so you will need to budget for additional materials depending on your chosen course.

What is a ‘full-fee’ student?

A full-fee paying student is usually a student from a country outside the EU, or a student from the EU who has been living outside of the EU for 3 years or more – these students are referred to as ‘Overseas’ students. You can find our current International Tuition Fees here.

I think I may be entitled to Home fees

If you are unsure whether you should be classed as an ‘Overseas’ or a ‘Home/EU’ student, please complete and return the fees assessment form. Further advice on fee status can also be found on the UKCISA website.

Living Costs

Before leaving home you must be sure that you will have enough money to pay for any unpaid tuition fees and your monthly living expenses. We recommend that you should allow approximately £6500 to £8500 per year, depending on your accommodation choice and lifestyle. Remember, if you’re a Tier 4 visa student, you will be required to show that you have access to a certain level of funds to support your time in the UK when you submit your visa application.

The International Student Calculator has been launched to help international students plan and manage their money for studies in the UK and you may find it useful to learn about building a lifestyle budget and understanding how you will spend your time and money in the UK. You may be able to work during your studies to help towards your living costs. Some students may be entitled to a scholarship for all or part of their tuition fees or living costs.

You may be able to work during your studies to help towards your living costs. Some students may be entitled to a scholarship for all or part of their tuition fees or living costs.