Living and studying in the UK

As well as an academic exchange, you will also experience a cultural exchange when you come to AUB!

The UK is home to many people of different heritage and belief, so you can enjoy a very diverse and welcoming culture. Of course, the British way of life will be different from what you are used to, so it may be useful to think about the cultural differences between the UK and your own country, to help you prepare for the change and know what to expect.

You may already be studying away from your own country so will have previous experience of adapting to a culture different from your own.

How can i prepare?

It will be hard to really understand the British way of life before you arrive; culture is something that is best experienced to be understood.

You can begin to prepare yourself for the change by thinking about your own culture: what makes your culture different from others?

  • How do people spend their leisure time?
  • How is society arranged? Are some people able to do things that others are not? How important is family?
  • How important is religion? Is more than one religion followed?
  • What about education? How do people learn?
  • Are there any special customs or traditions, such as they way you greet friends and strangers?
  • What are the common values that people share?
  • What language is used? Is there more than one language?
  • What about art and literature? How do these fit in to daily life? What about creative freedom?

Being aware of these will give you an understanding of what makes up a culture and will help you identify (and hopefully enjoy!) the differences between British culture and your own when you arrive in the UK.

Adapting to British culture is a topic covered during the Orientation Programme.

Student Stories of British Culture

Stories from previous exchange students who have come to AUB will be added to this page soon, so stay tuned!