Academic Information

It is important that you understand how the work you complete at AUB will contribute to your studies at your home institution. This needs careful planning.

Study Units

When you study on an undergraduate or postgraduate course at AUB, you will study a number of study units (modules), you will also miss some study units/modules from your course at your home institution.

You won’t usually have a choice of which study units you can take at AUB and you won’t be able to ‘mix and match’ study units from different courses. For each unit you complete, you will be awarded a certain number of credits, depending on the length and intensity of the unit.


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Learning Agreements

It is a requirement for Exchange students that a Learning Agreement is produced before your exchange, which gives details of the study units you will be taking whilst on exchange at AUB and the number of credits each unit is worth. The agreement will also show the study units/modules from your course at your home institution that you will be missing whilst you are at AUB.

To help you prepare for your Learning Agreement, we suggest you take a look at the Course Diagram for your chosen AUB course, which will show you the unit breakdown for each year and when each unit is studied. You can find the relevant Course Diagram within Programme Specification for your chosen AUB course. You can find direct links to all our BA (Hons) Programme Specifications at the bottom of this page.

If your exchange application to AUB is successful, the relevant AUB Course Leader will advise on the most appropriate level of study for you.  If there are any changes to your study units or level of study after you arrive at AUB, these can be amended accordingly on your Learning Agreement.


Work that is assessed at AUB is awarded a grade as a percentage (%).  A ‘Pass’ grade is a mark of 40% or above. If you submit work for a study unit and you do not pass that unit (ie. you achieve a grade of less than 40%) you will have the opportunity to re-submit the work if you wish to and you will be given a new submission deadline; this is called a ‘Referral’. If you do not pass a unit, you will not be awarded the credits.

Grades that you achieve at AUB will not usually be transferred to your home institution, this is because AUB and your home institution will have different methods and criteria for assessing work. When you go on exchange, you are generally only required to achieve a minimum number of credits. In some cases, your home institution may be willing to assess the work you complete on exchange, but this needs to be discussed with your lecturers and Exchange Coordinator at your home institution.

Academic transcripts

Once your work has been submitted and assessed by the AUB course team, an academic transcript will be produced by our Student Records office, located in Registry. This will be sent to your home institution by email and by post, and can also be sent to you personally on request. It can often be several weeks after your work has been submitted before the transcript is available.

Once the transcript has been printed, your grades will still be subject to ratification (confirmation) by the Examination Board, which means there may be a slight adjustment made to the grades you achieved at AUB, although this is not common and would not affect the credits you have achieved.

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