Our International Partner Institutions

AUB students have exchange opportunities stretching all across the globe.

Our Partner Institutions are arranged below by the country they are located in. Some partnership agreements are in place for just one course, where others are open to any course that you and your course leader think is relevant to your practice.


LUCA School of Art (Hogeschool Sint Lukas) – Brussels and Ghent, Belgium

Open to: All BA (Hons) courses where same subject is offered

Brief Description: LUCA School of Art has five different campuses, located in the regions of Brussels and Ghent.  Students are taught by a dedicated team of renowned practicing artists, designers and architects that, rather than imposing a particular style or way of working, guide students to find and formulate their own artistic solutions. LUCA also has an extensive international network of art and architecture schools spread across five continents.

  • Homepage website: luca-arts.be/en
  • Exchange students: luca-arts.be/en/exchange-students
  • Application deadline: Autumn – 30th April / Spring – 1st November (Autumn Semester preferred, applicants need to be nominated in advance)
  • Autumn Semester: mid-September – late January
  • Spring Semester: early February – late June


Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD) – Kyoto, Japan

Open to: All BA (Hons) courses where same subject is offered

Brief description: KUAD, with nearly 4,000 full-time students, is situated in Kyoto, a city situated in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan. The Faculty of Art and Design covers almost all areas, including the fields of fine art, graphic design, animation, fashion design or architecture.

The Netherlands

KABK Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands

Open to: All BA (Hons) courses where same subject is offered

Brief Description: The Royal Academy of Art (KABK) is situated in The Hague, the third largest city in The Netherlands, and exudes a sense of creativity, innovation and professionalism.  Students can use an exceptionally broad, high-quality and up-to-date range of media, and are encouraged to become self-aware artists and designers with passion and an experimental attitude.

  • Homepage website: kabk.nl
  • Exchange students: kabk.nl/exchange
  • Application deadline: Autumn 1st May / Spring – 1st October
  • Autumn Semester:  early September – mid January
  • Spring Semester: February – June / July


Volda University College – Volda, Norway

Open to: All BA (Hons) courses where same subject is offered

Brief description: Volda University College is located in a small town on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by beautiful fjords. VUC has a global perspective and a very active exchange programme; of approximately 3500 students, over 200 are international and the majority of those are exchange students.

  • Homepage website: hivolda.no/en 
  • Exchange students: hivolda.no/en/exchange
  • Application deadline: Autumn – 15th May / Spring – 15th November
  • Autumn Semester: 15th August – 22nd December 2017
  • Spring Semester: 2nd January – 7th June 2018

Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology – Oslo, Norway

Open to: All BA (Hons) courses where same subject is offered

Brief description: With 1700 students, Westerdals Oslo ACT is a unique and innovative university college for students who want to work within the fields of arts, communication and technology. Because of its unique interdisciplinary opportunities and close working relationship with industry, Westerdals Oslo ACT is regarded as one of the most exciting university colleges in the European educational arena.

South Korea

Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea

Open to: All BA (Hons) courses where same subject is offered

Brief description:  Hongik is one of South Korea’s leading universities, and is well established with over 15,000 students.  The university has campuses in Seoul and Sejong and offers a wide range of undergraduate courses with an emphasis on fostering strong links between academia and industry.

  • Homepage website: hongik.ac.kr/
  • Exchange students: hongik.ac.kr/exchange
  • Application deadline: Autumn – 31st May / Spring – 30th November
  • Autumn Semester: early September – mid December
  • Spring Semester: early March – mid June


Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) – New York City, USA

Open to: BA (Hons) Graphic Design only

Brief description:  FIT is situated in the heart of Manhattan and is an internationally recognised college for design, fashion, art, communications, and business, with just over 10,000 students.  They are known for their rigorous and adaptable academic programming, experiential learning opportunities, academic and industry partnerships, and commitment to research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Homepage website: fitnyc.edu/
  • Exchange students: fitnyc.edu/exchange_application
  • Graphic Design programme: fitnyc.edu/graphic-design
  • Application deadline: Autumn – 15th April / Spring – 15th October
  • Autumn Semester: 24th August – 22nd December 2015
    • Autumn 2017 application dates to be confirmed shortly
  • Spring Semester: 21st January 2016 – 24th May 2016
    • Spring 2018 application dates to be confirmed shortly

Maryland Institute College of Arts (MICA), Baltimore, USA

Open to: All BA (Hons) courses where same subject is offered

Brief description: MICA has just over 2,000 students from 48 different states and 54 different foreign countries, and offers an innovative curriculum, well-equipped campus and world-class academic faculty. MICA is located in Baltimore, a city of 100,000 college students set at the heart of the United States – east coast that offers tremendous art resources.

  • Homepage website: mica.edu/
  • Exchange students: mica.edu/exchange_students
  • Application deadline: Autumn – 1st April / Spring – 1st October
  • Autumn Semester: early September – late December
  • Spring Semester: mid January – early May

Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA), Portland, USA

Open to: All BA (Hons) courses where same subject is offered

Brief description:  Pacific Northwest College of Art prepares students for a life of creative practice. Approximately 1,900 PNCA students study with award-winning faculty in small classes.  Undergraduate students choose from ten concentrations within four majors and benefit from interdisciplinary collaborations throughout their fine art and design education. Eleven galleries and a nationally acclaimed museum of craft and design offer students myriad opportunities for showing their work.

  • Homepage website: pnca.edu
  • Exchange students: pnca.edu/exchange
  • Application deadline: Autumn – 1st April / Spring – 30th October
  • Autumn Semester: late August – mid December
  • Spring Semester: mid January – mid May