Apply for an Exchange

Here is a step-by-step guide for AUB students who would like to go out on exchange!

It is important that you follow the steps below carefully. Please ensure that you allow plenty of time to complete your application and remember that when you apply for an exchange, there is no guarantee that you’ll be accepted by the Partner Institution. If you’re applying to a particularly competitive institution, you may wish to apply for a second choice, in case you’re not offered a place at your first choice institution.

We ask all students to make sure they are fully committed to taking part in the Exchange Programme before applying and expect students to take up any offer for a place on exchange from a Partner Institution (apart from in the case of unexpected circumstances) to help us ensure that our partnerships can successfully remain in place for years to come.

The process

  1. Speak to your Course Leader to express your interest in the Exchange Programme
  2. Research our Partner Institutions and Opportunities by Course, including application deadlines, institutions specific application processes and the documents required for an application
  3. Complete the Nomination Form (to be signed by your Course Leader) and return the completed form to the Exchange Coordinator
  4. Prepare your application documents and portfolio – remember you will need to provide a clear link to an online or digital portfolio
  5. Send your draft application to the Exchange Coordinator to be checked over
  6. Submit your application(s) to the relevant Partner Institution before their deadline(s)

Additional documents:

Please be aware that the data protection laws in your host country will be different to those in the UK and may not be as strict. If you have any concerns about this, please contact the Exchange Coordinator who will put you in touch with the AUB Information Coordinator.