As with any trip overseas, we recommend you ensure that your travel arrangements, belongings and healthcare is covered by a suitable insurance policy.

Whilst AUB can advise on some of the options available, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student going out on exchange to make sure they are properly covered for all eventualities.

We have listed below a few of the different types of cover that exchange students may choose to use.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

What is an EHIC?

An EHIC is a small credit card sized card that you can carry with you when traveling to Europe. Holders of an EHIC are covered for all ‘treatment that is medically necessary until your planned return home’, whilst traveling within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. You need to apply for an EHIC before traveling to Europe.

How can I apply?

You can apply for an EHIC card online or by post, depending on your status in the UK.

If you are ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK you can apply for a UK-issued EHIC. If you are currently resident in the UK but are a citizen of a different EEA country, it is likely that you will need to apply for an EHIC issued by your home country. 

If you are applying for a UK-issued EHIC, you will need an NHS number or a National Insurance number.

You can find more information about the EHIC scheme, what it covers and where you should apply on the NHS website.

AUB Travel Insurance

Outgoing exchange students from AUB are covered by the university insurance policy and the policy details can be provided on request. This does have a high excess charge compared to some personal insurance policies.

Your own cover

You may prefer to arrange your own travel and medical insurance to avoid paying a high excess charge if you need to make a claim, or if you would prefer a different level of insurance cover.

Make sure that any cover you arrange is suitable for students going out on exchange and covers your travel arrangements, belongings and medical care, if needed.

A good example of a policy designed specifically for students who are studying overseas is Endsleigh’s Study Abroad Insurance.

Insurance provided by a Partner Institution

Most international (non-EU) exchange partners have their own compulsory medical insurance which exchange students are required to purchase. You will be able to find institution specific information from your chosen institution’s Exchange Coordinator or website.