It is best to consider your accommodation arrangements before committing to an exchange.

If you intend to take out a tenancy agreement for the full academic year with friends, you will need to consider whether you will be able to pay the rent during your exchange (which will mean paying rent in two countries) or whether you can sub-let your room whilst you are away (some agents and landlords will not allow this). You will also need to think about whether you friends will be comfortable with a different person living with them for part of the year, or the room lying empty.

In the past, some students have chosen to take out a short-term tenancy for the first term only, or have waited until returning to UK for the second term to find a short-term let, depending on which term their exchange took place.

You need to consider which option is most suitable for you and make sure that you can not only financially afford it but that you are comfortable with any accommodation arrangements that you do make and are willing to fully commit to the experience!

There is unfortunately no easy way around the issue of accommodation but we definitely don’t think it should be a reason to miss the excellent opportunity of going on exchange!

Accommodation at your host institution

The type of accommodation that will be available to you will vary depending on the host institution. Some students will have a choice of university Halls of Residence, some will be assisted in finding accommodation, whilst others will need to find accommodation independently from the institution.

Some international partners have designated halls for international and exchange students, which is recommended, although all students can ultimately choose where they live for the duration of their exchange.

The Exchange Coordinator at your host institution will send you information about the accommodation options available to you specifically, once you are accepted for exchange.