Academic Information

It is important that you understand how the work you complete during your exchange will contribute to your course at AUB. This needs careful planning.


When you study on exchange at an overseas institution, you will study a number of study units (or modules), you will also miss some study units from your course at AUB.

Unlike at AUB, where all students on one course usually study the same units, you will usually have a choice of which study units you can take at your host institution and you may even be able to ‘mix and match’ study units from different courses.

Every AUB student going out on exchange is treated as an individual case and the work that you will undertake whilst on exchange will be discussed with you and confirmed in a Learning Agreement.

We need to ensure that the work you undertake is equivalent to the units that you are missing here at AUB.

Learning Agreements

All outgoing exchange students from AUB need a Learning Agreement. This gives details of the study units on your course which you won’t be completing due to being out on exchange and the number of credits each unit is worth. It will also show the work that you will be completing whilst on exchange but this will not necessarily be confirmed until you arrive at your chosen partner institution; many of our exchange partners require exchange students to study there study units after arrival.

You will need to discuss your individual study plan with your Course Leader and/or your tutor before you start your exchange; ideally as soon as you have an application to go on exchange accepted by a host institution.

The exchange Learning Agreement is in the download section on the right of this page.


When you undertake a study period on exchange, you are required to achieve an equivalent amount of work to the units that you are missing at AUB. However, because the content of what you study as well as the assessment methods and the criteria will be so different at your host institution from those used by AUB, it is not possible to transfer grades from an overseas partner institution to AUB.

However, it may be agreed within the Learning Agreement that you will return with a body of work that will be assessed by the course team at this institution, and you will be awarded a mark in the usual way.  With some partner institutions you will undertake assessment as laid down by the host institution and as a result you will be awarded credit in recognition of the work you have undertaken. In this instance, your overall mark for the academic year will only use the marks for units that have been assessed at AUB and an average of the marks awarded at AUB will be calculated.

Academic transcripts

If you have an agreement that recognises the credit achieved on your exchange, your host institution will send an academic transcript to AUB once it is available, confirming the number of credits you achieved during your exchange. The student Records Office (Registry) at AUB need your exchange transcript to evidence the credits you have achieved for the AUB Examination Board.