Prepare for your Exchange

This section is designed to help you start thinking about the main steps of preparing for an exchange.

1. Apply for your exchange

Before you can begin preparing for your exchange, first you will need to make an application to one of our Partner Institutions.

We do not advise that you make any travel or accommodation plans before being accepted for exchange at your chosen institution.

2. Prepare your finances

Find the most frequently asked questions about finance for exchanges on the ‘What about Finance?‘ page.

3. WHat units will you study during your exchange?

Before your exchange, you will need to plan how you will achieve the correct amount of credits to successfully complete the academic year. To do this, you will need to prepare a Learning Agreement.

You can find our more about learning agreements, credits and grades on the Academic Information page.

4. Arrange the NECESSARY insurance

It is vital that you make sure you are suitably insured for the full duration of your exchange.

Find out more on the Insurance page.

5. Book accommodation

There are varying accommodation arrangements at our Partner Institutions; some will have accommodation especially for international students whilst some will require you to find your own shared accommodation nearby.

You can find out more on the Accommodation page.

6. Apply for a visa (if applicable)

Not all students will need a visa to study at their host institution, you can find out more on the Will I Need a Visa? page.