Pre-Sessional Accommodation

What accommodation is available to AUB Pre-Sessional students?

It is likely that any accommodation you will or have arranged for your main course at AUB will not be available until the end of your Pre-Sessional studies. With this in mind, AUB can offer the following options to Pre-Sessional students who need to arrange accommodation for the full duration or part of their Pre-Sessional course.


Pre-Sessional students on both the 5 and 13 (8+5) week courses can enjoy Homestay accommodation organised by Anglo-Continental School of English, our partner language school. Anglo-Continental provide carefully selected, comfortable Homestay accommodation across Bournemouth with English-speaking hosts. The added benefit of Homestay accommodation is that it gives you the opportunity to practice your English outside of the classroom by being a part of the English-speaking community.

You can enjoy a pleasantly furnished single room with shared shower or bathroom facilities, 16 meals per week and a light laundry service. The fees for Homestay accommodation are:

  • First week – £183
  • Each additional week – £123 per week
  • High season supplement of £37 per week (between 17/06/2018 and 12/08/2018)
  • Under-18 supplement – £10 per week

Homestay accommodation is allocated on a weekly basis, running from Sunday to Sunday.

How can I book?

If you choose to study the full 13 (8+5) week Pre-Sessional Course, Anglo-Continental will contact you directly with details on how you can book Homestay accommodation.

If you choose to study the 5 week English with Study Skills course only, please email, requesting Homestay accommodation and we will pass on your information to Anglo-Continental, who will then contact you with details on how to book.

Halls of Residence

If you are a BA student planning to book a room in our Madeira Road Halls of Residence for your main course, you will also have the option of staying there during the 5 week English with Study Skills course, at the same weekly rate.

We are sorry, but this option is not available to students staying at our Winton, Bath Road or George Close Halls of Residences for their main course.

Contracts for the Pre-Sessional and main course combined start on Monday 23rd July as standard, so you will need to make sure you arrange other accommodation in Bournemouth for before this date, if you need it.

How can I book?

Please select the Pre-Sessional and Undergraduate option when you book your room for your main course in Madeira Road (make sure to do this before the deadline on 25th May 2018).

If at first you only book Madeira Road Halls of Residence for your main course, but later decide you would also like to book it for the 5 week English with Study Skills course, please contact the International Office to request this. We unfortunately cannot always guarantee that rooms will be available for the 5 week English with Study Skills course if they are requested after the deadline.

Other Accommodation in Bournemouth

You may wish to arrange your own accommodation for the duration of your Pre-Sessional studies.

There are plenty of different accommodation options available to you throughout Bournemouth and Poole, including hotels and guesthouses, holiday rentals, private rented accommodation and short-term International student flats and rooms, to name a few.

Bournemouth and Poole cover quite a large area, so whatever accommodation you choose, make sure it has good transport links so you can easily travel to your Pre-Sessional classes.

You can get general advice and information regarding finding and arranging other accommodation from our Student Services team by emailing