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Ali Jafary and Designed Healthcare

Ali Jafary joined our Residency Programme to develop his company, Designed Healthcare, which has a critical and analytical approach to redesigning and rethinking of healthcare environments and equipment.

We're proud to have Ali on board as one of our residents and can't wait to see what he does next.

Meet Ali

Ali Jafary is an AUB BA (Hons) Architecture (Part 1 ARB/RIBA) and MArch (Part 2 ARB/RIBA) graduate. Since graduation he's been working as a freelance designer and been involved in design projects both in the UK and abroad.

Ali's main interest is to discover how design and art could contribute to wellbeing and improving lives. He seeks to bring people together, promote inclusivity, eliminate isolation and anxiety, particularly in rapidly aging societies.

In addition to his design background and work, Ali's qualified as a registered nurse and healthcare professional. Working with the local governments and the NHS, has helped him to develop an empathetic approach to design and form a belief that design and art could play an important role in the wellbeing of patients and improving efficiency in healthcare environments.

Designed Healthcare

As a resident of the innovation Studio, Ali's developing his company Designed Healthcare, a multi-disciplinary design and research studio focussing on the importance of empathy and inclusiveness for the healthcare and quality of life of the older population.

His company's approach to problem solving and design is based on critical thinking, analytical research methods and the core values of humanity. Together, they believe that design should bring joy, provide comfort, functionality and beauty.

Designed Healthcare believes that in care environments for older people, in addition to aesthetics, emotional attachment and multi-sensory interaction should be taken into account.

AUB x Designed Healthcare Residency

Throughout his residency, Ali has made excellent use of the resources available to him, to help his business thrive. He's especially benefitted so far from being able to collaborate and network with fellow residents and also benefit from expertise and mentorship.

The resources available in the Innovation Studio enable him to continue to design and develop innovative solutions for the healthcare arena.

Of the Residency Programme, Ali says:

"AUB's Innovation Studio and its management team have been helpful, encouraging and reassuring since the beginning of this journey. Having been able to have access to the cutting edge technical resources and workshops and working alongside other disciplines at AUB enables me to fulfil my dreams."

Ali's currently about to embark upon a very exiting collaborative project with Design Age Institute at the Royal College of Art .

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