If you are applying to UCAS for 2017 entry, it’s important to know that the tariff system has changed.

What is the tariff system?

The tariff is a number that illustrates your qualification grades in a simple way. Most universities use UCAS tariff points to compare different qualifications.

You can use this UCAS tariff calculator to work out how many points you have.

What is changing?

In the new system, the numbers are different as UCAS is attaching fewer points to qualifications.

You will still need to achieve the same grades at A level, BTEC or other Level Three qualifications to get into university, but the way they are counted has changed.

For example, an A* grade at A level will be worth 56 new tariff points from 2017 onwards, instead of 140 in 2016.

All qualifications that are currently on the UCAS Tariff will continue to attract points under the new system, so a tariff score could be made up of A levels, BTECs, or a combination of Level Three qualifications.

You can take a look at UCAS’ video about the new tariff here.

A standard offer from AUB is BBB at A Level, excluding general studies. Under the new UCAS tariff, this equates to 120 new tariff points.

How does this affect me?

The grades you need to achieve will not change – only the tariff points attached to that particular grade have changed.

Our standard offers and the grades we ask for have not changed.

If you are uncertain about anything, or confused in any way by these changes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our admissions team who will be happy to explain exactly how these changes will affect you. Simply email admissions@aub.ac.uk.