The tragic news of the death of Dame Zaha Hadid has had particular resonance for the Arts University Bournemouth.

The last public event which she attended was four weeks ago at the University when she opened the Drawing Studio and designed by one of her mentors, Professor Sir Peter Cook.

Sir Peter Cook had given the oration for Zaha Hadid in February when she was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects, the first woman to receive such prestigious recognition in her own right. She was not only one of Britain’s greatest architects, but one of the world’s great architects of the 21st and late 20th centuries.

Zaha Hadid is best known in Britain for her design of the UK Aquatic Centre for the 2012 Olympic Games and the Transport Museum in Glasgow but much of her work is to be found across the world to include the Guangzhou Opera House in China, the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre in Baku, and the MAXXI Museum amongst many others.  Zaha Hadid won the Stirling Prize for architecture on two occasions and was the first women to win the Pritzker Prize. In every sense she was a visionary designer whose legacy proves what can be done to produce buildings which are inspirational as well as functional.

The Arts University was honoured to welcome her to its campus and to share ambitions for its future development.  It is a matter of great sadness that the world of architecture has lost one of its brightest stars.


Professor Stuart Bartholomew

Principal and Vice Chancellor

Arts University Bournemouth