A Drawing Pop-Up Exhibition in response to the New Drawing Studio by Sir Peter Cook in collaboration with TheGallery.

This exhibition celebrates the launch of the first purpose designed drawing studio to be built in the UK for over 50 years; students from different subject areas were asked to imagine a Neo Futurist Bournemouth.

The new drawing studio will also be the first UK building by the renowned Architect Sir Peter Cook. The idea that technology can enhance the lives of the future and the subsequent term Neo Futurism is something that was expounded by the group Archigram in the 1960’s of which Sir Peter Cook was a founding member.

“Imagine a Bournemouth of the future in a thousand years time, one that embraces new technologies and their role in improving and enhancing our lives. It’s a very popular place where people come to study, live and holiday. Imagine the new spaces and constructions, the leisure activities, the pines and the palms and even the swimming costumes!“

The works on display celebrates drawing and its fundamental role across all disciplines of Art and Design here at Arts University Bournemouth, now, and long into the future.


Katie Barons is an experienced drawing tutor and artist who has worked at Cardiff School of Art, Plymouth College of Art and is currently a drawing tutor at Arts University Bournemouth.

She specialises in teaching drawing across different subject areas with a focus on the pedagogic drawing concerns within different areas of art and design.

She is cognizant of the role drawing plays cross Illustration, Animation, Fine Art, Textiles, Fashion and Architecture; fascinated by the affinities and the differences; reflecting upon these approaches to develop relevant and new creative pedagogical strategies for teaching drawing and developing cross-disciplinary fertilisation.