‘The Orb’ is a collaboration between BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design and BA (Hons) Visual Communication.

The Orb project was developed by a range of professionals and academics, from varying backgrounds and disciplines. Its concept was conceived through practical engagements of prototypes and discussions. The scope and application of the project are still in active discussion, as new collaborations and interpretations assist in the future of Orb dialog and development.

The courses also worked with local businesses to help with development, including:

  • Tom Quay – We Are Base, who assisted in early discussions of technical aspects.
  • Luke Woodbury – Freelance, worked on the generation of software.

The project was set out in a work package (within the Interreg ICR project) which looked at the creation of curriculum development tools. The culmination of work lead to the Orb, an interactive, handheld input device that can be used to control visual and audio outputs. These outputs are viewed locally via its ‘station’, which houses a touch screen monitor and a pair of stereo speakers. What the Orb offers is a unique experience using movement to distort what can be seen and heard.

The stations are situated in two locations, one in the UK and one in France. The reasoning refers back to the original brief, to produce a novel method of communication that traverses networks and geographies. At each location, the Orb is housed within physical spaces of artistic endeavours, allowing the users to discover and explore the potentials with the physical and digital realms, fostering new methods of communication that transcend typical modes of interactions.

How it works

  • Make various movements using The Orb
  • Records and sends information to server
  • Creates moving visuals and sounds on screen
  • The sounds, shape and movements vary depending on how small/large the movements are.