The Paper Cinema perform a unique form of live animation and music, and have been working with BA (Hons) Illustration students to create beautiful pieces of live scored ‘paper cinema’.

Founded in 2004 by Nicholas Rawling, with Imogen Charleston and Christopher Reed, they tour bespoke pieces around Britain and internationally.

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Chris Reed is The Paper Cinema Musician and said:  “We’ve worked with the Illustration students for a few years now, and its really fun. We’re showing them our techniques and getting them to make their own. They write the stories, and I respond musically to what they have written. They give me direction in what they want to hear – what type of sound effects and things. Then hopefully it all comes together at the end of the day with each group showing a different story.”

Imogen Charleston said: “My role within The Paper Cinema is manipulation, directing, and being a puppeteer. I’ve been collaborating with Nick for 10 years. I take his work and the drawings he has done and look at in in a 3D, movement way, whilst working with the music. It’s very much about the coming together of all of those elements. Its great to be back here at AUB – we are helping the students make their own paper cinema show. It’s part of the narrative module they are doing.

They are looking at making the story, drawing the characters, making them into puppets, and doing the live animation – then working with chris to write the score. It’s about looking at things differently, and exploring ways to interpret moving image and storytelling. When you don’t have any written words, you need to find smart ways to visually convey a message. It’s nice to see them working together and supporting each other through the process.”

AUB alumnus and found of The Paper Cinema, Nicholas Rawling, told us : “Working with the Illustration students is an absolute dream,  a great start to the year! The workshops we normally do are with the general public, and being able to come in here and work with very gifted students who are very professional and willing to put in hard work. I studied here in 1989, so on a personal level it’s nice to be back. At the end of each day we will have some great stories, and right now we are in the middle of something – and we don’t know quite what that is or will be. It’s a nice way to explore the whole arc of making a narrative in just one day.”