MA Illustration Course LeaderHayley Potter, has recently exhibited at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.

Hayley’s pop-up exhibition at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic featured a selection of drawings and sketchbooks from Hayley’s studio, that have all taken a role in a drawing based research project which investigates The Witch, one of the most iconic characters in British History, who for centuries has blurred the boundaries between the real and the imagined.

Housed in the Museum’s library, the exhibition was divided into modes of drawing. Visitors had the opportunity to see some of the working processes Hayley uses in her studio including Drawing from Memory, Sketchbooks, Imaginative Drawing and Ceramics and Photomontage. For the first time, Hayley’s original drawings from her artist residences at the Museum of Witchcraft and The Pitt Rivers Museum were on show. Hayley’s drawings from her residency at the museum were also integrated into the collections of the weekend, so visitors could see her work in context.

Museum Manager, Dr. Peter Hewitt, speaks about the exhibition: “It was with great pleasure that the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic welcomed Hayley Potter back to the Museum where she completed a residency in 2014.  Hayley’s closely observed illustrations of the magical collections at MWM deserved a space of their own – and we were finally able to give them the attention they deserved in a pop-up exhibition ,‘Drawing to Discover:  The British Witch’ in the Museum Library during a very busy midsummer weekend in July 2016. 

Hayley’s drawings of traditional West Country spirit houses and love charms – all constructed from everyday materials which were readily available to the twentieth century house-wife or labourer alike – were part of Hayley’s wider project to re-visualise the British witch for a new audience.”

The exhibition was kindly supported by Arts University Bournemouth, the Museum of Witchcraft and Hatch Drawing & Research.