Last week, AUB released a recruitment advert with a difference, showing an enterprising hamster creating its very own work of art using its exercise ball and tubes of colourful paint – to a dub step soundtrack.

Since its online debut last week the video, which ends with the slogan ‘Do what you love and amazing things can happen’, has already received over 320,822 views on social media and a total social media reach of over one million – currently at 1,033,720.

As the video has been so popular, we wanted to take you behind the scenes and tell you more about the making of the film. The AUB Marketing team partnered with talented creative and Visiting Tutor at the University, Mark Sephton.

Mark said: “The idea behind the video was to show a mundane versus a creative existence that would appeal to young people. My daughter has a hamster, which has an exercise ball, and it often rolls around the house. I just thought ‘what if it rolled through paint in a giant space and made a painting?’

“We used four hamsters and they were great! We used animal agency, charlotte wilde, to source them, as they needed to be trained for filming. We wanted to make sure each hamster got lots of rest.

“One of the hamsters, Hazel, really stood out from the rest – she always performed on demand, while the other hamsters did more preening and sniffing than anything else. It was amazing how the hamsters actually made the painting by rolling the ball over it – although they needed a little help knocking over the bottle of paint.

“We managed to capture everything in a one day shoot and the editing then took about three days. We chose the dub step sound track because we knew it would be really surprising and would add real energy to the hamsters’ actions.

“We were very careful to ensure the hamsters who helped us make this video were safe and happy throughout – the paint was non toxic and we had a vet and animal handler on set at all times.”

This project is part of AUB’s ongoing commitment to widening access to further and higher education and progress into the creative industries. The short, fun video seeks to truly engage young people and really spark their imaginations when thinking about Higher Education.

You can watch the video here >>