Richard Piper graduated from Digital Media Production in 2010, and is hoping to embark on a career with the top games company in the USA.

After graduating, Richard went straight into work with TT Fusion – creators of the Lego games where he worked on the teams that modelled, textured and designed entire Lego cities including Star Wars III, Clone Wars.

Richard is also known for his online tutorials and his educational work in the field of 3D art, through talks and tutorials with sites such as and Other awards include:

  •  Winner of the High Level of Achievement Award 2010 Course Prize in respect of my BA(Hons) Digital Media Production Specialising in 3D Art
  • The UK Aspire Award 2010 for Recognition of Outstanding Achievement – Chesterfield College UK.

“I feel proud and honoured to have began my Career with a Degree undertaken at AUB. The flexibility within my final year of my degree was very empowering and the lecturers supported me 100% through out my time there.  I would highly recommend AUB as the one University which allows their students to explore their craft and push them forward in a positive manner to achieve more than they thought possible.”

“If you wish to be a game designer make as many small indie games as possible to showcase your abilities.  The most important aspect is to gain exposure.  Enter as many competitions you can, showcase your work on forums and try to gain the respect of peers.  Handling constructive critique is extremely important and acting upon this, but in the end have fun and make an impact.  The games industry is very long hours and a lot of hard work, but extremely rewarding once the title is shipped and the kudos rolls in!”

Richard is now in negotiations with a top games company in the USA – we wish him every success!