A giant retro ghetto blaster will be seen on the roads of Bournemouth for the next academic year, thanks to an innovative bus design from AUB.

Unveiled today, the wrapped 11m x 4m double-decker bus has bass speaker cones for wheels, a tape deck between its windows and is covered with over 80 dials, switches and speakers. The long top window takes the place of an AM/FM radio display.

The Boombox bus has been designed to show how creativity can transform familiar surroundings and give people a fresh perspective. AUB teamed up with branding agency, Creative Forager, to create the wrap.

Communications Manager at AUB, Karen Thurlow, said: “Creativity is about connecting with individuals and surprising people. Every day, staff and students across our 20 creative courses advocate this in the work they do and make. Wrapping the bus in this way felt like a great way to share our spirit of creativity with the people of Bournemouth.”

The bus will be in operation in Bournemouth on the University bus route for a year.