The Students’ Union at Arts University Bournemouth and AUB have formed a partnership with the Woodland Trust which will see a tree planted for each new student at AUB.

Tuesday 9th December brought together students and staff from the Arts University Bournemouth,  SUBU, the Woodland Trust, Slades Farm Community Garden project and Bournemouth Borough Council at Slades Farm (a local outdoor community space) to take part in the planting of 1000 trees.

The number of trees being planted on the day is representative of the number of new students who will be joining the university in the 2014/15 academic year.

Dan Broadbent, AUBSU President said: “We hope the event will help foster the connection between AUB and the local community and perhaps more importantly, directly impact on the broader conservation/ecological issues which we all face together. Each tree will contribute to the offsetting the carbon footprint(s) of each incoming student. The project also presented the Students’ Union with a great opportunity to contribute to the  sustainability work achieved through the NUS Green Impact Students’ Unions scheme – for which we received Gold, the highest rating.”

Together, the Students’ Union and the University have recognised the need to minimise/offset the impact of AUB’s expansion/growth. Both the Students’ Union and the University also realise the potential of positive environmental action and spreading the incentive for other institutions to act.”

Former AUB Principal and Vice Chancellor, Professor Stuart Bartholomew says, “I am pleased that the Student Union is translating concerns for the environment into actions.  Whilst they may be small , they are personal and illustrate the creative ways in which students contribute to the locality.”

Hamish Thomson, Woodland Creation Adviser at the Woodland Trust, said: “The Woodland Trust is delighted to be involved with Arts University Bournemouth’s project. It  is a fantastic example of how local organisations can work together to benefit their community and environment.

 Currently the UK has significantly less woodland cover than the rest of Europe. Local tree planting initiatives help the Woodland Trust work towards its target of doubling the amount of native woodland, and what better way of doing this, than by planting and dedicating trees to people, such as new students at Arts University Bournemouth.

On behalf of everyone at the Woodland Trust, would like to congratulate those taking part on their tree planting efforts.”