Sonic workshop at Southdowns College

It was really exciting for me to have the chance to run a workshop with my old college class. I studied my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Southdowns college before coming to AUB and it was through that course that I became more aware of my future aspirations as a practicing artist. The art department at Southdowns is home to a superb set of lecturers that not only encouraged my educational development but also inspired me to pursue my aspirations.

After getting in touch with Carla Allen (Course leader, Foundation diploma in Art & Design at Southdowns College), and expressing my thanks to how she helped me progress to my role here, we arranged a workshop for her current class in collaboration with the Widening Participation Team at AUB.

As my practice is based in sound and how we can understand environments through listening, I planned a workshop title ‘Sonic Journals’. I decided that it would be a change from the usual drawing/painting workshops you would expect from an art workshop and it was also an opportunity to show the students that the Fine Art course encourages a range of interdisciplinary practices.

The workshop saw the students using dictaphones and cameras to record and document the sounds around AUB’s campus and translate these into a sonic journal of their day. It pushed the students out of their comfort zone and allowed them the opportunity to engage with new equipment and learn new skills. The students had the chance to work with new software that they haven’t used before such as; audacity (sound editing) and premiere pro (video software).

It was a really great experience for me too as it gave me teaching experience for Prep for HE and to work with students who might be progressing onto study Fine Art.