The AUB Student Union (AUBSU) Thank You awards recognise those particular staff members, who go above and beyond their roles at AUB.

The winners were announced on Friday 31 March, by Students’ Union President, Lauren Housego.

This year, AUBSU decided not to award a first, second and third prize, as they felt all winners should be thanked equally.

Four members of staff were chosen for the joint award. You can read more about why each member of staff was nominated below.

Monica Franchin: “Monica has brought a fresh, new approach and introduced new ways of learning and thinking, making tutorials really valuable and enjoyable. She has amazed us with her kind heart and dedication to the course.”

Gideon Bohannon was awarded for “his endless patience, enthusiasm and energy” with comments stating “I wish everyone could have a Gideon to help them in their lives, and I will miss him and his advice so much when I graduate.”

John Hoyle: “He has been extremely helpful and very friendly. He is a complete life saver and is always around to support students in any way he can and is incredibly down-to-earth. He deserves a proper thank you.”

Jenni Saarenkyla was awarded for being “unfailingly kind, enthusiastic and willing to help any student no matter how busy she may be. Her technical ability and knowledge are only surpassed by her sunny disposition.”

Ismini Black, Students’ Union Vice President commented: We decided to award these people in particular, as we felt from students’ comments, that they continuously make an extremely positive impact on many students’ lives at university, both academically and technically by always being approachable, in good humour and open to help them with anything, we thought they ought to win!”