30 June – 24 August

Northwest Gallery, AUB

Lead Curator: Channa Vithana

Curators: Anete Egle / Oddur Gunnarsson-Bauer / Jacob Palmer / Adam Radwanski / Elizabeth Winchester

TheGallery presents Music Architecture Poole [MAP] an exhibition of work by BA (Hons) Architecture that explores the link between music and Architecture.

The designs in this show are inspired by the local area of Poole, a historic town with areas that date back to medieval times. The layout, buildings and surrounding issues of Poole have been closely considered, with a particular focus on Lighthouse, Poole Centre for the Arts, a Music School and Future Scenarios in Architecture.

Working closely with acoustic, structural and environmental engineers, this work has been carefully informed by consideration of human comfort, construction and use of materials. Combining precision and creativity, these projects integrate architectural theory and history into design exploration using models, images and drawing.

This exhibition features a range of work from sketches to drawings to computer work and physical material making. The designs range from small individual shops to wider explorations of possible Future Scenarios, where architecture can adapt to changing circumstance and positively shapes peoples experience of buildings.