Music Architecture Poole (MAP)

Exhibition in Campus

3rd July – 27th August 2015

Lead Curator Channa Vithana
Curators Alice Hewitt // Paul Richardson // Emily Riddiough // Lucy Steeden

TheGallery at AUB is delighted to be able to host this new body of work commissioned for Music Architecture Poole [MAP] 2015 under the lead curatorship of Channa Vithana.

Stemming from research into urban environments, undertaken by BA (Hons) Architecture students during their second year of study, the MAP project involves the development of speculative designs for a new school of music within a prospective cultural quarter, located in the town of Poole.  During the project students are required to interrogate, analyse, and reflect upon, the social, geographical and political conditions which have led to the formation of towns and cities across the globe.  Their designs must reflect a genuine awareness of how the buildings will be used, as well as demonstrating consideration of their aesthetic impact. Sensitivity to atmosphere, texture, materials, acoustics, and scale are all an intrinsic part of the equation.

Building structures which can respond to the demands of the future is also integral to MAP’s programme of work. Students are asked to conduct a rigorously-tested consideration of their building’s potential (utopian, or dystopian) future. Some of the structures may appear fantastical but, grounded as they are in meticulous research, none of them are the product of pure fantasy.

Since 2011 MAP has been also been invited to present its annual exhibition in the gallery at Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts. The selection of their work for programming by an external venue provides ample testament to the quality of the students’ vision, skills in execution, and level of professionalism.

Sean Aita
Director of External Affairs, AUB

For further information visit Music Achitecture Poole [MAP] 2015

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